The living room of any home is as busy if not busier than the kitchen. Its main function is to provide a place where you can receive, wine and dine important relatives and guests. At one time this was its only function. Today, under the pressure of changes the living room is now also being used as a place to watch TV, read and do many other things. Such a room needs to be given a design befitting its importance.

A typical living room would have most importantly at least one sofa, couple of chairs, some side or coffee tables, a carpet or rugs and nice, well draped and attractive curtains. But its not enough just having these items. They must have the right colors and the furniture must be arranged in such a way that the living room is at its most attractive.

The other factors that matter are given below.

Few tips on designing a living room

    * There should be enough space for people and material to move unobstructed between two parts of the living room. Moreover, since it will used by all, the living room design should be child friendly.


    * The design should be based on a well thought out theme. Firstly, you must have a focal center around which the design is done. It could be an attractive window, the fireplace, a painting or even the TV. The colors that go into the design must be well coordinated. That will make the living room look appealing and pleasant. For ideas and inspiration read books and magazines on interior decoration. Also try the internet for the latest in ideas and designs.


    * Furniture should be so chosen that it gives the living room a contemporary look and feel. There is no need to splurge on furniture. You can obtain as attractive an appearance by using simple and elegant furniture without any fancy design. Furniture made from rattan or bamboo is inexpensive and will give you just the right looks. If you have small living rooms then cut down on chairs and make the place colorful with throw pillows. The colors should of course match each other. If you have big living rooms then divide it into more than one conversational area by using another sofa and the furniture that comes with it.


    * Accessorize the living room with the appropriate decorative items. The walls can be a particularly a good place to hang wall painting, various artifacts and show case any precious family heirloom. A vase filled with flowers at the center or at the corners would add some warmth to the room.